The Team

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds which create a solid foundation for furthering the mission of the Foundation. We are passionate and committed to raising funds for women, men, and their families as they live with a breast cancer diagnosis.

“I’m very proud of our team and honored to work with these talented and dedicated individuals. “

~ Linda Carey

Linda Carey is a producer for Bob Carey Photography and breast cancer advocate. As President and Co-founder of the Foundation, she is passionate about providing support to those diagnosed with breast cancer. As a 12-year survivor with metastatic disease, she understands the emotional roller coaster brought about by a diagnosis of cancer. Linda’s goal is to make a difference in the lives of those living with breast cancer and to provide inspiration–by example– that one can live a full life with breast cancer.

Bob Carey is a commercial photographer, Co-founder of the Foundation and The Tutu Project. Among others, Bob has worked for Men’s Health, ForbesLife, “O” Oprah Magazine and worked on ad campaigns for Lexus, MasterCard and Honeywell. Outside of Bob’s commercial photography, he is widely known for his beautiful, landscape self-portraits dressed only in a pink tutu. These images bring laughter and humor to many dealing with cancer and provide support and recognition, which help the Foundation flourish.

Marybeth Leet has worked in healthcare for over 40 years and has been an integral part of the education and ethics committees. She is deeply involved in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare and most recently, trained employees as the hospital transitioned to electronic medical records. Her life has been profoundly changed by losing her husband to cancer, which fuels her dedication to help families who struggle financially. She understands when a family member has cancer, the entire family is affected.

Leslie Konigsberg Levy is the director of Tripp Lake Camp and served many years as a clinical social worker at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. Her experience as a camper and counselor has given her a deep appreciation for Tripp Lake’s traditions and, coupled with her time as a social worker, a unique perspective on the benefits for a young girl of summers spent at Tripp Lake. Her knowledge, vast experience and commitment to family are welcome components for our board.

Alicia Lind is Director of Marketing at The Business of Being Born/My Best Birth.  She has known Bob and Linda for over fourteen years.  She and her family have been a life line for both of them as they learned to “live with cancer”.

Kevin Shine is Senior Managing Director of Strategic Insight; a global research & advisory firm focused on the mutual fund industry.  Kevin and his wife Marcela (our advisor) have volunteered countless  hours to our foundation in honor of his father, whom they lost to cancer in 2010.

Marcela Shine is CEO of Scientificly and an angel investor in New York City.  She is a critical part of the daily activities of the organization, helping with operational decisions and driving our digital marketing strategy.  She met Bob in 2008 at a photography class he taught, and thanks to her persistent nature never stopped stalking him throughout his career.  They stayed in touch thanks to social media, and she eventually became a big part of The Tutu Project’s viral success.